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Tony Parinello Week In Review 1

Episode 10: How to use what you’ve learned from Bill Cates, with Tony Parinello.

Tony is the author of nine best-selling books, sales trainer to more than 2.5 million salespeople and the majority of the F-1000. creator of Selling to VITO, the Very Important Top Officer; the only proven, sustainable, tactical, process for getting appointments with and selling to the ā€˜Cā€™ Suite.

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What are you to learn today?

Replace the word ‘Referral’ with ‘Introduction’…become ‘Introduction-able’…know who to ask, when to ask and how to ask for the all powerful ‘introduction’ and remember that your odds of selling your product, services and solutions goes up 60% with the individuals and organizations you’re being introduced to!

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