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Episode 201: Increase your charisma, with Dr. Tony Alessandra.

Dr. Tony Alessandra is two speakers in one… a professor and a performer, or as one client put it – he delivers college lectures in a comedy store format. Dr. Tony offers audiences the opportunity to enjoy themselves while learning practical, immediately applicable skills that positively impact their relationships with prospects, customers, and co-workers. His focus is on how to create instant rapport with prospects, employees & vendors; how to convert prospects and customers into business apostles who will “preach the gospel” about your company and products; and how to out-market, out-sell and out-service the competition.


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What are you going to learn today?

Are successful people lucky or do they have charisma? Do you have charisma? Do you have positive energy? Unshakable confidence? Are you sincerely interested in others? Learn to be a catalyst not one of the cattle in the herd!

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