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Tom Hopkins Podcast 2

Episode 37: Tom Hopkins redefines the word ‘No’…Hint: it’s really a complete sentence!

Tom Hopkins is the author of eighteen books, including How to Master the Art of Selling and his latest, When Buyers Say No. His first book, How to Master the Art of Selling, has sold over 1.7 million copies and been translated into ten languages. It is used as a textbook in sales and marketing classes and is required reading for new salespeople by sales and management professionals in a wide variety of industries.

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What are you going to learn today?

The seven real definitions of the two-lettered word ‘NO’…the ‘NO’, ‘Maybe’, ‘YES’ progression…getting to the final ‘NO’ using the ‘circle of persuasion’…working the ‘NO’ process…how to deal with the ‘NO’ not YOU objection!…critical values of a successful salesperson…the importance of having a mentor…serving the best interest of your prospects and customers.

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